by Archivist

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Archivist is:

Gerfried - Guitar
Matthias - Guitar /synth
Hannes - Bass
Steff - Drums
Anna - Vocals
Alex - Vocals/art/narrative

Recorded and mixed by Nickl Gruber
Mastered by Oskar Karlsson

Double LP will be available through Alerta Antifascista records later this year.


released June 4, 2015


all rights reserved




atmospheric metal from Austria, England, and Germany

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Track Name: Ascension
The faintest transcendence
shudders infinitesimal
the weightless consequence
in T minus five

debris ignites upon
quantum insurgence
the incendiary elegance
of my brilliant white light

the buffeted plumage
combustion enwraps me
and I quake as I stand
and hold myself close

the closeness surrounds
cocooned in my comfort
our bidding is done
set free of this land

all is lost
yet I Iive!
whats left of the flotsam
of what might have been

I am lifted aloft
on heated ablutions
the molten effulgence
of a world we once owned

our once beautiful manna
blisters, erodes and hark!
the bold introduction
an unwilling demise

so sour is the silence
of my closeted fate
the light breaks in patterns
with fingers I trace

I strain to make out
the striation of fractures
the tide now a violence
as the Earth falls away
Track Name: Escape velocity
Splintered blasts the call of hollow
shed the skin that envelops
fall against the stratosphere
the burning casts demonic red

tremors shake our assuredness
I grab at that which aids my stay
from yonder porthole window breaks
the greatest show on earth

pay loads rise like seedlings
each strident bloom signals defeat
front row seat to the tragedy
our hubris staged this malady

every soul aboard those ships is lost
their masts submerge below the cusp
why does this idol craft remain?
what spared me such a fate?

How does one accept this lot
This hold carries the best of us
my asphyxiation held at bay
by my steely resolve

I will not go down!
Track Name: Dreaming under
I see fields undulate
lithe bodies graze this swell
coaxed from forty winks
we will lie like midas

scintilla turned itself to gold
the suns pyrosis invigorates,
pray silence please
as muscles become terse

I see this like negatives of film
in shifting collages of coloured glass
they drift like particles of vitreous

every consequence
the fragile consistency
blown out and distended
sun burns its inverse

the fever of accomplishment
time nags so desperate
hastily hem each pattern line

I see this like negatives of film
in shifting collages of coloured glass
they drift like particles of vitreous

unable to focus on a single frame
always drifts away

I send out barbed impulses
nerves to catch each remnant piece
each tell tale bond absorbed in
hope we come cohesive
Track Name: Leaving day
The arks rise like goliath
the perversity of size
wrought of all that was left
bled from the world

refugees harangued the barriers
They kept our ward safe from prying hands

their febrile memories
atrophy within embrace of cold
frozen caskets conveyer up
those we divine worthy of

mothered deep within we hung our hope
hippocampus flare navigate these stanchion

fatigued the continents did seize
and snap on lambent liquid fires
coruscating forests singed like
blackened pelts on frightened hides

a multitude of eyes
frantic hearts burst in quaking chests
I know every fear, every jolt
every cardiac arrest

frigid corridors groan sorry psalms
apologies, too many to please
and no ears to receive
no mouths to cry no eyes to perceive

place our footing on stable turf
blaze a trail to bright new worlds
Track Name: Hades
Labyrinthine standing stone
contralto tones now tedious
below some tireless engine groans
digestive echoes endlessly

its just him and me
two self styled mutes alone
stomachs do the talking
the vacuum dwells within

In fusion whispers he asks of me
what did we gain from shortest breath?
the narrow sight of gain
it holds the deepest loss

He walks beside me skeletal
the charon to my river Styx
hadean corridors
walk ways grave with plastic scent

great vistas of our mother blue
she cradles each and every wound,
each facet of her broken cheek
the laval well has wiped all trace
cities blur in crippled piles
bitumen slurries, asbestos rasps

the deathly rattle choked
we trail like comets aimless stead
the apple in our mothers eye
umbilical has drained her dead
the milk from which we fed
made pustules in her flesh

He asks me if I like the view
He holds me responsible for you
Look what you made me do!
let me crawl out of the seas

let me bathe in coronal light
coaxed the mammal out of me
made me stand to know the periphery
and look beyond and see

Look what you made me do!

gave me a home to exorcise of life
fashion blades out of make believe
see the viscera with serrated gods
shirked thine neighbour and made enemy of

gave me long term memory
so that I might misbehave
and never learn from my mistakes
and foul the ground upon where I tread

Look what you made me do!
Track Name: Tying up loose ends in the cold void of space
I have memories of a dream,
I am recollecting a prism glare
that fragments and jars my perception,
these shards lose sense and merge into one

of worlds becoming one identity
I lose all sense of intricacy
I inhabit this fallacy
I am a fallacy

the quill and ink extricate me
I am not guilty for my life
and oh what a life I have lead!
sole inheritor of the estate of us

Where to begin,
perhaps the sheer extent of this
second birth in fiery schism
gospel of an illegitimate citizen
in this prison

I used to love and I have been loved
I have felt kisses on my skin
I felt the blood in muscle
loved and loathed the skin I am in

now I find myself sacred
orphan of a redundant line
responsible for trillions
cries, orgasms and sins

I used to love and I have been loved!
Track Name: Eureka
Berating me I clearly see
the point you are striving for
at what point did our restless bid
for gain secede our common sense

one hand raised to shake in kind
the other poised to beat us blind
arrested clot, emphatic brains
machines lack our narrow minds

Coax the remnant memories
inflict each synaptic corridor
I do not wish to see!
forests lush expanse!

Some memories are best left dead
Glorious death they sicken me
we measured it as bounty
baskets full of our indulgences

I see the eyes with brilliance
the flick of ear, whiskers graze
they spoke without a single word
we dared not listen

I make note of every cell
every imprint, every mark
I am pupa! I am larvae!

I am the wasp
that burrows in!
I am the shriek
of twilight din!

the lives we never
thought to know

neuronic wins
the maze expands
with accomplishment

no one will
with no scruples
we stemmed all chance

Is this all I’ve become
recollector of stolen lives
an almanac of tributaries
of effigies cut and cauterised
Track Name: 4,500
This ashen curse cannot be!
entropic verse; a has been
no poetry can sustain
My blithe acceptance of this vault

I am no martyr of fallen sin
embrace the weight of atlas in
My titan fornicates with heavens breath;
beheaded in the clouds, we stoop so low
to grovel in the muck in search of the genesis
of every fault line,

I could wake them all from slumber?
engage their promethean brains!

sacrifice futures intent to sate my loneliness
discuss the semiotics of each act
the pantomime, the farce, the extinction event
we might laugh and toast our victory
we chewed the scenery, we made a meal of it


is but a passing thing
please take comfort in

the last living thing
invites you to
this travesty
please take a seat

let us ruminate
engage those intellects
bridge the suspicions
behind our decisions

Hands grace the glass of cold coffin
I tease histories out of icicles
This person I do not even know
whose serenity is pleasing to me

The irony of fear of life, and the abject fear of death
the hex of consciousness deserves a moments breath
to savour the warm resonance of memetic arrest
to dwell in a single shard of our collective voice

we have found a rhythm, and we find it in the strata below
we accept this fiction, paradox of Shroedinger’s theorem
To have died and risen, and exist in oblivion
abeyance strides across a great expanse

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