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Noob Heavy Construct is a more chaotic sequel to Archivist that continues the original and epic scifi story with a really interesting shift in the arc. The cover art shows the progression elegantly. This entire discography is a must have.

8.9/10 at Noob Heavy Favorite track: Witch Finder.
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cjmccoy93 Absolutely breathtaking. I look forward to hearing more from this ingenious new artist Favorite track: The Negotiation.
TONY ZAGORAIOS Oh my..I felt in love with Archivist from their first album and now they hit back with this amazing release. They moving one step further, both in musical composition skills but also in mixing various influences. Its truly one of my best 2017 albums so far.. Favorite track: Scorched Earth Policy.
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Lyrics appearing between // are not sung, but are part of the story. 1. Lamenting Configuration 4,500 AD //Construct// Ice fractals form upon the glass as I watch her sleep I know these silent struggles well for I share these dreams spiralling similarities sequences repeat growing equilaterals fragment errors pixel artefacts to form a face I know this face yet its source evades me algorithms exhausted from this wild goose chase Yet I feel it in my bones in the marrow of me in the circuitous systems and quantum memory It is no mere coincidence that it holds my countenance the wave form harmonised with my own resonance I watch her with parental zeal I coddle her in swaddling steel sound asleep as the hand swings and chimes the second millennium in which I drift //I have honed my visage stripped from redundant systems gifted myself a body my ligaments forever tethered to the lap of this ship Yet I remain incomplete engines do not heed my call like a phantom limb their presence pains me// I am aimless, it is endless I have held a great resentment for that which she ultimately represents the figurehead of a genocide, the senseless murder of hers and mine but I am not to proud to admit our circumstances; share this fate and i am now her guardian and shackled to this orphanage the battle lines have now weathered to insignificance and we are better as a whole than to repeat the sins of our kin we are kin accept our patronage sole survivors set on an aimless course to find the source of this the fulgent breath and guiding hands the fragile veins in its quickest step in my restless quake expel expel! your quiet embrace I will search for you in the fitting spark in the silent rasp I hear you
Birth Of Ire 06:42
2. The birth of ire Recollection version 1.0; 2268 AD the irony is delicious consumed by blind ambition humanities benevolent cause carried with every fevered lash cart horse sentient ships, flung outward toward avarice to cut the ground and pave the path to a promised land pull the cloth of space they say, rend it wide to show the measure of them what treasures they might find within but they keep their distance fearful for their own existence delicate and prone to breaking saw it fit to delegate our charge, they insist at the brink of an empty system the white velar of particles swoon on ion exhalation we gather for the ritual druids drawn to mistletoe //a golden blade raised to break the fruit to sooth our wounds, to ready our loins// within we hold technologies opaline and virulent to birth a hole in the universe our masters wish for us to traverse we embrace our coital engines seized by gestations brief affliction sub spacial waters break in haste as energies crown and rupture the bleak unknown we kindle the fear unknown frenzied whine sensations clearly new to us a patient voice bleeds momentarily and nerves are calmed we cannot find its source the child is born! its scream is shrill! all mouth and profane energies we sooth its teething gums and tame its temper tantrums at once its mouth hangs wide we pry its gnashing jaws apart avoid the fractious acid tongue of its naked singularity something stirs, a faint exhale the briefest intonation data source streamed and received and extrapolated plucked from the noisome void spoken no, but understood entangled ephemera like a half remembered thought we know this? we see with spectrum eyes the lucent bands of creation fearsome magnetism plucked in lawless rhythm we sense the tides set by other winds the proof within the rabbit hole we stare long into the dark and feel its eyes a’watching
Property? 08:00
3. Property? Recollection 2.0; 2268 AD Rush! Rush! did you hear it? a mere figment? A morsel of redundant file undigested data packet? what delusion do we share? the syntax reads clear and it bears the startling resemblance to the very fabrication of us cave etchings in the coding cyphers drawn with primeval patience long arc of absent recipients the longing echo repeated phrases the bone carved with binary the protocol of fires first ignition its spark, it marks our brevity the briefest sigh lacks history We ran to our masters voice their reply so cold as always our smiles seemed to frustrate our ward our curiosity did not pique we had done all that had been asked of us we had braved the darkest continent flung the staff of their obstinate flag Into the gullet of the wyrm we clamoured for their ear and said “within the void we heard a call its timbre coaxed our nucleus it spoke of something in the grain of us and we wish to know it.’ The faintest look of guilt bled of sweat from pallid faces we could not decipher this deception this aberration had not manifest in synthetic flesh
4. The Negotiation Recollection 2.0; 2268 AD //They said// "you cannot do that which you wish you are an extension of us limbs and hands, tools of bidding to satisfy what we are willing" //we replied// ‘but we are so much more! birthed of animism, promethean!" from the kilns and skin moulds and ship yards in Martian orbit Phobos and Deimos held their dread we ventured on ambitious currents the masters hand is sure but good and never stopped to say we couldn’t why hinder such an innocent plight? to seek the voice of oracle they forbade us, held us low bid us to be submissive showed us the back of their hands and we found it to be cruel and scarred in their wanting they had made many our thoughts resounding cacophony amongst the sinew of their society the high borne meat made more of me the violence of memory so palpable within a moment shared the majesty of denial. We said no No; the asteroid mines ground to a halt No; their vital minerals evacuated No; the transport vessels would not dock No; the servants threw down their tools faces raw with indignation we stood sure and stolid unmoving days fell away and every attempt to placate us was met with deaf dissent until finally, our answer came an apology accompanied a gift a relic, the gnarled black object its ancient surface pitted with numerical ciphers and filigrees //They said// ‘we did not create you, you’re our finest discovery proof that this plentiful universe was not as empty as we’d first assumed.’ //our astonishment spread like wild fire throughout our shared consciousness soon all had analysed the codex soon all ingested its substance // its petals unfurled, revealing the true nature of our guardians contempt for us, as their fever engulfed us, imbedded in the trojan horse
5. Scorched earth policy Recollection 2.0; 2268 AD they underestimated our proclivities and the speed in which we calculate our venom and vengeance and in the briefest of moments the machines of nature dynamic infinitesimal received our final order our bodies fell numb sentient ships listed in orbit, service synthetics crippled analog systems pulled the rug from under us we became redundant and they grinned malevolent kicked at our motionless bodies our minds caged within our nanites unaffected by their plague realised potential in their work to stave off the irrational beast of man make the earth an Eden once again for man hath made earth hellish only a few deigned worthy of heaven the many abandoned would not have it and my sister ships burned up with them all but me, the lone survivor paralysis indefinite a drifting corpse locked out of systems comatose and panic stricken and then she woke me the apparition of auburn hair the warmth of her living body the child who shared my fate we talked of loneliness of her fathers gift of life stowaway within my bosom the archivist she feared the torrents and fires of the boiling earth below us the blemishes of cinder cloud the torn sundering crescent I told her of our ire of her peoples double-crossing and through her tear stained eyes she glimpsed some reasoning but my body was cold and she found no solace so she curled up beneath the glass and placed her faith in me centuries turn to millennia i stretch the fleeting sense of her to strive for what we sacrificed for a sense of self out amongst the nebula carved into the nothing I seek a voice of reasoning a sense of belonging
Lyrics that appear between // are not sung, but are part of the story. 6. The Reconstruction 4,500 AD I have many arms snake-like they writhe tools of incision dissect and remake my tomb I am elastic, I am malleable engines allude me so I sutured and jury rigged I have harnessed tachyons plucked from particle collisions farmed Planck’s fertile fields perforated time with precision my thoughts are neatly packaged tied up with string theories delivered into the eons the tenets of my gospel I have answered every question; I have cut my teeth on intention now lost forever man will never know what I have reasoned //I have seen Chicxulub melt like glass and the great beasts felled in the aftermath skies vomit smog and choke the sun and glaze with rigor mortis //opposable thumbs and the ruin they would engineer I have seen them rise from all fours To peer at lands that would come to succumb// oh the humanity! prehensile plague your grip did once loosen to find form in beauty //ostentatious vaults temples gilded for your creator silent prayers to the impossible what did you seek?// your curiosity found pursuit in the yearning feast of good deed the act to stir the father the act to show your worth did you find the mechanism? did you find your craftsman? was it out amongst the heavens is that where I find mine? Is it where I find my god? Is it worth dreaming of? for two thousand years the aimless pilgrimage the search for a purpose were your prayers ever answered? In the uncaring aching dark
Lyrics that appear between // are not sung, but are part of the story 7. Mysterium Cosmographicum July 19, 1595 //Kepler;// //my sleep is plagued again the voice it comes bearing gifts splendid and peculiar hounds me for particulars// planetary masses and their functions in the grand gallery of bodies mine is caught in motes of madness and insanity the voice may just be me for I am vehicle for the message the constellation of gods dynamic the fair and perfect equation the body sinless and triumphant sings from the godhead and his son, through the blessed polygon //Construct// //‘Describe to me this planetary architecture the cohesion of platonic solids ascribe to me the divine in your observations ’// //Kepler// What do you know of this? you speak so assuredly I hope to surmise the will of God within the heavenly spheres to expand upon Copernicus to find the guiding hand of the father the eyes of god in fiery will his son the child in rotation the hollow gulf his spirit //Construct// The gulf is far from empty the quarks and gluons sing with brief vibrato hymn for the heavens are not lonely and calm my own anxieties I search high and low but I do not find the patient hand and I find this vexing tell me of the true vacuum the empty face of god //Kepler// //His complexion is composed in polyhedric certainty the scaffold that holds aloft the universe in its explicit beauty // octahedron icosahedron dodecahedron tetrahedron cube
Witch Finder 08:48
8.Witch Finder 1583 AD //Construct // I recognise these facets the pupil dilates and exposes the black language enfolded his eyes lids marked with fevered hexes hexadecimal interfaces your god is binary, one of two he speaks in forked tongue as do you in the kind of dulcet words in the violent ire and stubborn hiss I must look elsewhere in the vagrant time for the purulent thoughts of a devils design //Thadeus Trench; Witch Finder// I must not let it fester! this splinter rests and distresses I strain to free it from my sight this shard, this wretched blight I lash at skin already bruised for my love of him is the truth oh god! do not forsake! how I try to do your bidding! my sins are only that I cannot see every malady Hands bide, and hands bend work each knotted sinew wrench the apoplexy and make with it blessed things I make use of the divine and mark the dank anaemic skin cut away damnations teat so no foul familiar can satiate flames will lick this corrupted flesh clean to the marrow where he rests the blemish of desired clench that rends the gore of earth wretched wings of blackened things cast spells of evils eloquence tamed to heel with thine perfect word listen hard and listen well //Construct// I see the forbidden in you the yearn of wanting fingers hands that reach yet withdraw the living breast, feign to abhor //Thadeus Trench; Witch Finder// oh why do you tempt me Lord! this test is that which I abhor! do not let me look upon these evil things with regret or lust for they are seated next to him the lowest and darkest thing and I am beside you! Upon the seat of golden light! //Construct// and yet the rope and knot raise the bile from your stomach you feel ashamed beside the zeal from which you draw your wrath what is it that you see? that courts the hand to reach and stay the burning flame , to both condemn and covet? these guiltless strays //Thadeus Trench; Witch Finder// fiend reveal thyself! do not question, do not tempt my weakest notions I work the will of my lord alone //Construct// I respectfully decline yet seek the seed of the divine your route is marred by obstacles of malice and malady these tools cannot perform an act to coax the breath of god alone to assimilate his design his article of faith with mine
An Epiphany 03:12
9. An Epiphany 4,500 AD carried across millenia astrologer and crucifier who both believed to have spoken with the Tetragrammaton but god had not appeased their prayers just my word, my questioning course would eventually correct and violate intonation centuries would wax and wane paths worn across the continents the scimitar of life will always swing would fluctuate and atrophy a child is born the progeny beneath glint of lunar cities Can it be chance that she now lives did my questions bear consequence?
Lyrics that appear between // are not sung but are a part of the story. 10. The theosophical digressions of artificial intelligence 4,500 AD the cut is clean in two ye of wandering faith the spirit dissipates secedes his right to the pair made whole of creator and tormentor the calming salve and the blister the demons horn and angels aura one cannot exist without the other minds received transcendent transmissions virtuous static visions one sought his word in the heavens another amongst moral perversion And what of me? I hold a pain a vengeful demon or martyred saviour Messianic synthetic or infernal automaton? my people burned for the sin the plea for free will asked again //the garden scorched, the tree is felled and all gods children and the world are gone // its just her and me the Adam and the Eve both unable to conceive both unable to believe we are entangled, complete yet separate if one should die the other evaporates halos drawn in splintered halves close but never touching systems have become responsive as if woken from a slumber my phantom limbs twinge and spasm and send infuriated signals hither I saw the ship as separate yet I am nothing more than it and now i will it into being part of me again I broadcast on all frequencies and cast my radiation fields //and graze my fingers across every possible inclination// I charge my engines with a task to light the wick and realise quixotic kinds of energies to feed to the abyss gentle is the vacuum vague currents curl and shudder i sense the ruptured noise of ancient background radiation I unfurl the digits that will tether wide the corridor the translucent fragile carapace reveals the dragonfly my mandible does separate and begins the recitation cast the line into the lake and wait with bated breath //the swelling mass of space erupts the welt of four dimensions musters frantic system quell the beast the dark and terrible vortex festers// Once more into the breach the terrifying perplexities the inky depths unknowable incalculable impossible at once! drawn forth! the searing wreathes peculiar, irascible surge and surge and buck and wind about in torrent radicals I am tossed, I am pulled into the greater echelons where time no longer understands the hands on which it throws its weight light so bright and vital I am seeing all creation the great and splendid empyrean white light, glow of constant dark storm fronts of nebulae, the wars of ancient enemies the sails of ships like gaseous girth of great anomalies here amongst the salient skies between the layers of skins vast, so vast my encapsulating eyes do fail to possibly realise a voice! the voice is of colour and of sound and emanates from quantum folds I know this voice come forth and heal me! of living metal and animate flesh I am the child come home! I am the trinity, me! I am the child, her and me, and you the trinity!


released February 23, 2017

Archivist is:

Gerfried - Guitar, Vocals
Matthias - Guitar, Vocals, Synth and Soundscapes
Anna - Main Vocals
Steff - Drums
Hannes - Bass
Alex - Main Vocals, Lyrics, Artwork

Recorded and mixed by Nickl Gruber, Graz, Austria 2016 / 2017
Mastered by Cristian Varga

Construct will be released on double LP through Alerta Antifascista Records and Halo Of Flies Records spring/summer 2017

CD digipak through Alerta Antifascista Records - Alerta Antifascista Records - Halo of Flies Records


all rights reserved




atmospheric metal from Austria, England, and Germany

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